About Us

What is the great Benefit of Pilatus Travel GmbH?

Pilatus Travel offers all-round carefree packages for excursions in Switzerland! With us it will be served the best and most marvelous experiences in Switzerland with groups cultivating the same interests like you. A lot of Swiss are travelling every year to other countries and forget the benefits of our Switzerland, like the Blue Lake, the very beautiful mountain world or the golden round trips from Lucerne to the Pilatus at the Lake Lucerne and the mountains around. These adventures are not only for stunning foreign tourists but for Domestics as well. Enjoy your experience journey through Switzerland with your family or with a group.

How can you book your travel?

Pilatus Travel offers complete group journeys with the organization of everything including driving and accommodations. Individual travels will be offered additionally, if you wish to stay longer at a specific location or if you consider specific destinations.

The advantages of travelling with Pilatus Travel?

You profit with our best travelling offer and because of our experience we fascinate you with pleasant surprises. You just can inform us with your vacancy time and we are organizing everything to your favor. You can enjoy your travel from the beginning till the end and you must not worry about anything during your marvelous travel. You can experiencing the manifold Switzerland. Your home like atmosphere is much more beautiful than you can think and imagine.

Pilatus Travel is only organizing travels in Switzerland?

Not at all, we are offering to our customers imaginary journeys through Europe and through the Middle East as well. Enjoy your vacancy in a special manner and you will meet the nicest parts of the world up to your choice. You will see much more than just sunny beaches.